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Congratulations, Linda!

Mar 15 2007 | Comment 1


I’ve long admired the work of ECT critic Linda Andre. I was saddened to hear that her beloved cat pased away recently, but am overjoyed to hear that her book about ECT is going to be published. I think it’ll be a real breakthrough in the psychiatric industry, and I hope it’ll change the way things are done. In my column of yesterday, I mentioned Kitty Dukakis’ Shock as the most recent book on ECT. Then Linda then sent me this email:

Soon there will be another book on shock. And it will talk about hate of mental patients and especially shock patients, and how shock patients organized, and how no one listens to us because we are shock patients, and it will give all the dirtiest dirt on the bad guys. It is tentatively titled Doctors of Deception.

What great news. Linda’s book is slated to come out summer 2008.

liz | 1:43 PM | Uncategorized

Nancy Knight Says:

I consider Linda Andre to be one of the most intelligent & believable
psychiatric survivors who don’t buy psychiatry alive. I knew her in person over a decade ago. I’ve not had anything more to do with the mental patient movement in many years. I found very few who seemed to understand & support me. We lost Quinn Rossander, who was going to help me write my memoir, in hopes that some day I do can hold my head up & not live in so much fear. Simply my psychiatric horror story began because I wanted to attend the U. S. Air Force Academy. I’m now living on the 100% from the VA & don’t want to risk loosing it. I’m now 44. I’ve tried hard to move on with my life & struggle being so alone. This time of the year is especially hard on me. I don’t have a close knit support system. I just had someone tell me about how their 26 year old grand-daughter just overdosed/suicided. So many people believe that the psychiatric labels & treatments are good & just can’t add how they are really destroying people.

Sincerely, Nancy

Dec 5 4:15 PM


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