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And We’re Back…

Dec 26 2008 | Comments 4


I will not even go into the bizarre-ness that was the Moo Shu Jew Show, which included an elderly man at my table making reference to “black pipe” (meaning African-American penises), the insistent use of the word “schvartze,” mocking of retarded people and people with Tourette’s, and enough ageism to turn Methusulah into Benjamin Button. I don’t think I’ll be going back.

Additionally, I had the misfortune of seeing Marley & Me, which completely confused me. It would be like if you made a movie of my life. Me talking about my column. Me worrying about my pets. Me fighting with my partner. Me thinking about moving. The most boring-ass life you could imagine. Why do I want to watch that? No drama. No conflict. No suspense. Plus, what up with the saddest ending in the world? The poor kids at Riverview were all Bambi-traumatized.

liz | 11:01 AM | Uncategorized

Dano MacNamarrah Says:

Glad I missed the Mu Shu. That kind of thing sends me round the bend.

My best friend Cricket was the on-camera scenic for it. Like many movies we’ve worked on, we won’t be going to see it! But as a dog lover, she had a lovely time hanging out with all the different “Marleys”.

Hope your day is looking up.

Dec 26 3:36 PM

susan Says:

Dear Liz,

I didn’t do the Mu Shu thing, instead I went with a Chicken Korma.

I have always had a thing for golden labs, I even by the toilet paper with the golden lab puppy because he is so dang cute.

In fact, when I get my psychiatric helper dog, I hope it’s a golden lab.

Did you at least get a good fortune cookie?

Dec 26 4:30 PM

McBeth Says:

I read a borrowed copy of ‘Marley and Me’ several months ago, when I first caught wind that a movie was being made of it, and because the friend who lent me the book raved about it. I read the book between calls at work, where I am a telephone captionist for people with hearing impairments. I couldn’t finish the book. I wept openly. Loudly. I finally just had to put the book down, the last 10 or 15 pages completely unread. Never finished it either.

Agreed, M&M is definitely not a kid’s movie -unless you’re prepared to explain life and death to a four year old, but that just seems like such a bad idea in about 13 different directions.

Jan 2 3:52 PM

Larry Says:

See, I thought “Marley and Me” was a great movie for EXACTLY that reason. Hollywood doesn’t make enough movies about average Joes and Janes (or Johns and Jennies, or Lizzes and Larrys). Especially those who are writers :-)

Now if you were objecting to the mismarketing of M&M as a kids’ movie (BIG mistake) or to the Hollywood fairy tale/stereotype of the relationship between Owen Wilson the reporter/columnist and Alan Arkin the crusty editor with a heart of gold, then I’d buy your critique …

Jan 6 1:43 PM


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