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Links, Please

Jan 12 2009 | Comments 28

This new site is hungry for links. What are some of your favorite sites about mental health? What are some of your favorite sites about health generally? Blogs? Cute animals? Please give me suggestions. I want to have a beautiful blogroll, and it’s a work in progress.

liz | 2:46 PM | Uncategorized

scott Says:

Health care in general (Ezra Klein), politics (, fun stuff (indexed)

Jan 12 3:37 PM

April Says:

Jan 12 6:13 PM

Lisa Says:

Jan 12 8:40 PM

Kate Says:

Well you’re my fav blog for mental health issues :-)

However when I need to get my mind off things I go to YouTube and look at something completely mindless and inane like Tillman the skateboarding bulldog:

Jan 12 10:04 PM

Linda Says:

I like to go to and look at all the creative things on there.

Jan 12 10:10 PM

Kristin Bell Says:

well, for a good laugh and cuteness there is always icanhascheezburger! lol cats rock!

Jan 12 11:16 PM

Stormgazer Says:

It’s not a mental health blog, per se; but some of its advice can certainly aid one in keeping sane … I nominate Unclutterer, at :)

Jan 13 5:50 AM

Stormgazer Says:

Another couple of blogs that come to mind are The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive ( ), and McMan’s site ( ). Furious Seasons also comes to mind, but I’m guessing you’ve got that URL memorized by now :)

Jan 13 6:04 AM

Sherry Says:

For all things Irish, at least the western part:
It’s a great, sprawling site that keeps me occupied for hours at a time.

Jan 13 11:04 AM

Ameroux Says:

Salted Lithium is an excellent blog written by a guy recovering from manic-depression; But You Don’t Look Sick is an awesome blog for people with illnesses/disabilities of any kind, but especially the invisible ones. Check out the Spoon Theory.

Jan 13 3:14 PM

Melissa Richards Says:

mentally interesting — great first person experience of living with mental illness out of London & furious seasons — great reporting of a wealth of mental health-related topics out of seattle

Jan 13 10:21 PM

Andy Katsetos Says:

the site for this particular day is pretty warm and uplifting …

Jan 14 2:15 AM

greenwords Says:

I have to nominate ‘a beautiful revolution’

Jan 14 4:43 AM

Dave Says:

I second Kristin’s choice of lol cat. Dont link to it, just grab the picture each day. Simple. Funny. cant get enough funny kitties. Dave

Jan 14 8:01 AM

phillygrrl Says:

My blog!

Still a work in progress (been around a month), but working on getting some exciting content/opinion up there!

Jan 14 11:27 AM

susan Says:

Thank you for putting mine up there Liz. You were the first hyperlink I ever added to mine. You were also the first blogger to use something I wrote when I started blogging.

For LOL= Cheezeburger cats please. Please Please.

Jan 14 11:54 AM

Knitting Clio Says:

Well, I write about disability issues, including mental health issues, among other things. The best round up though is at

Jan 15 7:17 AM

saviabella Says:

Jan 15 2:48 PM

Stephanie Stallings Says: My blog and web site about schizophrenia. I’m diagnosed schizoaffective, which means something in the realm of part bipolar, part schizophrenic.

Jan 15 6:24 PM

Alison Bergblom Johnson Says:

Hi Liz,
My blog is primarily about writing but often touches on mental illness issues, especially writing about it.

Jan 15 9:40 PM

MySchizophrenia Blog » Blog Archive » Stumbling upon Liz Spikol’s blog Says:

[...] I had the good fortune to follow a link that landed me on Liz Spikol’s blog about her bipolar condition (”The Trouble With Spikol”). She’s in process of building her blog roll, so I found a list of suggested links, in response to her “Links Please” blog at [...]

Jan 17 8:43 PM

Jennifer Giesecke Says:

I actually didn’t know what this site was about, but I googled Christopher Dye for an insane reason that my sister’s neighbors had a disorder killing of their son. For some reason, it brought up the thought of another tragic mental happening.

You are a real heroine. My family suffers from many disorders. Mine are yet to be diagnosed, but I’m certain that it will happen(hint: it’s 12am and I’m writing a stranger).
You are groovin’ tha groove.
My sis works in the mental disorder field, and she is as erudite than me.(Did I use up my big words?).
Plus I can’t discuss mental topics without…playing gameboy? Eating?
…making a smart comment so that everyone’s attention’s on ME?…drinking a beer?
About those disorders…
You are a great writer and a great activist!
I’m turning Sis onto you. And maybe ya’ll know each other already? Who knows.

Jan 18 1:29 AM

Your Bipolar Girl Says:

I started a blog inspired by you, Liz. (Not sure I have the hang of trackbacking yet since I tried to comment that way first!)

Here is a link.

Jan 18 11:58 AM

Tricia Says:

Knit Like a Man — awesome.

Jan 19 2:52 AM

sarany Says:

hey Liz, no link, but I haven’t checked the site in a while and it’s beautiful. Congrats.

Jan 19 12:50 PM

Gabriel... Says:

I left a/this comment earlier but it got caught in your moderation file… so no hyperlinks this time.

Slap Upside The Head ( …an award winning anti-homophobia site.

Patient Anonymous ( …all things psych and neuro and medicine in general.

Spin Me I Pulsate ( …an honest and raw look at parenting and recovering from mental illness.

Migraine Chow ( …an intelligent examination of manic depression.

Salted Lithium ( …me.

Jan 19 1:26 PM

David Dobbs Says:

My new site (I moved from Smooth Pebbles):

Jan 19 11:02 PM

John McManamy Says:

My new blog:

Knowledge is Necessity

Musings on Mental Health by award-winning journalist and advocate John McManamy.

Jan 24 2:32 AM


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