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Schizophrenia in Children: January Schofield

Jul 7 2009 | Comments 84

There’s a great post over at Furious Seasons by Philip about Shari Roan’s LA Times story about a 6-year-old girl, January (pictured), who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. As Philip points out, many of us are skeptical of such an early onset and skeptical of childhood diagnoses in general. The article has caused many reactions–good and bad–which Philip generously breaks down, and questions the strange lapse (from a journalistic standpoint) of omitting facts.

What disturbs me about the whole thing is that if you read her father’s blog (the content of which isn’t mentioned in the piece), which Philip links to, you get an uncomfortable sense that Jani/Janni’s father Michael is really stubborn about his daughter’s “lifetime illness,” as he calls it. Here’s an excerpt that shows some of this recalcitrance; I’m also uncomfortable with the bolded part.

We saw Janni today and she was at her most psychotic in several weeks. I have a nice welt on my arm where she hit me when I refused to call her toy rat “99.” Of course, I was goading her, but I wanted to see if she could deal with it. Of course, she couldn’t. She’d been talking about the rats for awhile (she is back to insisting they are real-these are the rats in her head) but now the violence is back. 400 the cat has reappeared after a long absence, and 400 cat is a bad cat that tells her to hit and scream (which she is also back to doing). She is on 300 mg a day of Seroquel is doing nothing. They need to up her Thorazine from 100 mg a day as that is the only thing that works. However, we are frustrated because the staff and doctors seem to thinking that it is just her “imagination” again, and considering autism and Asperger’s (even though this has already been ruled out time and time again). Yes, she “self-stems” as they call it, rubbing her hands together real fast….but that and the “autistic” behaviors went away at 300 mg of Thorazine. I don’t know why in the hell they are so resistant to labeling her “schizophrenic” but yet so eager to label her “Asperger’s.” Is schizophrenia really so much worse? But she fucking talks to animals and people who aren’t there! And she is violent! That isn’t autism! That’s psychosis! I feel like we are just going around and around in fucking circles here.

Autism and Asperger’s aren’t so cut and dry, but as Michael writes:

It is scary to think you know more than the doctors, but the fact is we do.

Do they? I’m reading and reading his blog and the article and I’m just not sure. I understand that feeling myself, of course. I often think that. And just as often, I’m surprised to discover that I still have so much to learn. Michael Schofield’s voice on his blog makes him come across as a very angry person with serious anger management issues–a person who’s self-aggrandizing and resistant to learning new things (and who can’t seem to spell his daughter’s name the same way consistently, which is just weird).

He comes across as a person who likes the sound of his own voice and a good, punchy, writerly ending to a post more than being open-minded about what’s going on. I understand this, actually, because once we find the Answer (not Allen Iverson, but the initial diagnosis), we cling to that diagnosis, as it’s the first time anyone has taken us seriously. But after clinging to a diagnosis that may or may not be correct, it’s time to let go so that treatment is dictated not by egos and desires (whether doctors or patients or parents) but by eliminating symptoms in a safe, healthy way.

Go to Philip’s page and read the whole argument, including the comments. It’s an important discussion.

Father Of Girl With Schizophrenia Admits Hitting, Starving Girl [Furious Seasons]

[Image by Lawrence K. Ho copyright LA Times. Please don't kill me, LA Times.]

liz | 2:02 PM | SCHIZOPHRENIA, autism, children

Gail Says:

While most parents choose the lesser diagnoses, this parent is choosing the more severe, and that, at the tender age of 6, when imaginative play is flourishing, and the brain is evolving and changing. Repeated violent behavior would send a parent to a gamut of professionals who might disagree on a diagnosis. Why the rush?

Jul 7 4:04 PM

Joe Says:

Tragically, at least one organization might argue that bad parenting has nothing to do with this child’s problems. Ty Colbert notes that NAMI’s literature is replete with the following statement, “Our children are not mentally ill because we are bad parents. They are mentally ill because of their brain chemistry.” NAMI parent’s false hope: blindly disabling children for life

Jul 7 5:46 PM

Ari Says:

I myself remember being a kid with an over-active imagination, and I wondered when I first read the original story whether or not some of the “symptoms” were a child’s high imagination and creativity. It’s not uncommon for children to insist that others recognize their “invisible friends”. Of course this case is very complicated due to her rages and other actions. However I have to wonder at the parent that desires the most severe diagnosis. And if they are resorting to violence, they may want to seek help themselves. It’s all just so very complicated.

Jul 7 5:51 PM

Lisa Says:

I feel so badly for this little girl. Her eyes look so drugged.

I cannot even fathom how scary it would be to be sent to a psych ward as a child. I would have been absolutely terrifed. I remember reading a study about children in regular hospitals suffering from post traumatic stress due to hospitalization, and in a psych hospital without your mom or dad there to comfort you I would imagine the effect on the child is even worse. 4 months in a psych ward as a little girl. I would probably lash out at everyone, too.

Jul 7 7:45 PM

Stephany Says:

I give them no sympathy based on admitting beating her and starving her in the father’s words, to “break her”. That was BEFORE a psych dx and the psych meds, all before age 6.

This is a father blogging about a child that he admits to beating, in a full rage as hard as he could.

The LAT needs to do a piece on child abuse and abuse next.

Jul 7 8:30 PM

Lisa Says:

Stephany, you are right. There is no excuse for that. I saw my niece hit my sister in the face on multiple occasions when she was out of control. My sister never hit her back.

Jul 7 8:45 PM

herb Says:

I can’t believe it. Not you too Liz.

These parents need help, encouragement and some respite.

Philip Dawdy, investigative “re-reporter” of news and his “Mini me” congregation, just what does he and most of those congregants know about parenting let alone challenges facing this couple?

Some of you folks sit here as if you know something about parenting and show serious concern for diagnoses…you gotta be kidding me. I’ve parented my own and I’ve grandfathered my granddaughters. Based upon what I’ve read so far from the Michael Schofield’s writings, his daughter not only doesn’t act at her age as did my daughter or granddaughters at a similar age. On a more positive note are the empathetic and compassionate comments I’ve read from the parents and patients expressing similar symptomology contrary to some of what I read here and worse yet on Dawdy’s forum.

And what about the threat she poses both to her brother or parents. Does one simply ignore or dismiss that fact? I’ve had friends facilitate family support groups of bipolar children and the stories are frightening. Parents sleeping behind secured and locked bedroom doors fearing for their lives and you to want discuss the DSM IV to establish a diagnosis when so many of you abhor medications, psychiatrists and psychiatry. The reality and I mean reality is the Schofield’s have an extremely serious problem and challenge to deal with added to their battles with their health insurance carrier and limited financial resources and the last thing they need in my opinion is the condescending nature of the remarks I’ve read on Dawdy’s forum and a couple of individuals posting to Schofield’s blog. Who cares what you call her illness. There is a serious problem(s) at the moment with this child.

As a long time loving and caring support person myself I believe the Schofield’s have only initially embarked upon what maybe for them a life time of support, caring and self-deprivation. I can only endorse that they continue their education of these serious mood disorders and encourage them to maintain hope and persistence in achieving a degree of wellness for their daughter while at the same time trying to maintain a reasonable and safe family relationship while at the same nurturing their son and finding some respite for each of them.

In response to Stephany I’ve read a number of your postings regarding this matter. Instead of responding and sharing my opinions of your posts I’ll state in my opinion your situation is not the same as the Schofield’s. I also mention that I do believe Michael Schofield responded to your remarks most appropriately and much in line with my thoughts. While I shall agree with you that physical and/or mental abuse of any child is unacceptable to me one must also understand the circumstances and whether or not there is a pattern to that behavior. I think it took a great deal of courage on the part of Michael Schofield to not only recognize such action inappropriate in oneself but to stand naked and to expose one’s flaws to all is not only courageous but a means of self-healing for which I’d prefer to look at the positive.

I would ask you what reasonably intelligent parent gives any child psychotropic medications for bed-wetting, of all things? And knowing of your position on medications, psychiatrists and psychiatry why would you even have your child on any psychotropic medication at this point in time? Why also you would not home care and protect your child based on your positions is puzzling to me?

Truthfully Stephany, I seek no response from you. My purpose in asking those questions is rhetorical in nature to illustrate how simple questions can sometimes give one pain and anguish as well as question another’s judgment. I honestly admire your efforts and accept your viewpoint as a parent, support person and caregiver to your child doing all that you can to the best of your abilities, equipped with whatever reasonable knowledge you have as I also do for other parents, spouses, loved ones and friends. The additional role of caregiver thrust upon many of us is extremely difficult and not being licensed to give advice nor being a deity, I’m only able to speak for myself. I always question myself as to whether or not I am doing the right thing but my intentions are always first and foremost for the wellbeing of my spouse as I believe you, the Schofield’s and others do for their loved ones.

One other point I’d like to make since you seem to admire David Oaks and I’ll quote him directly, “I’m pro-choice”. As stated he is factually incorrect. Oaks’ should have qualified that remark simply because he has advocated for the banning of ECT which would abrogate the right of any reasonably informed patient in collaboration with his/her trusted, caring, knowledgeable and licensed physician to make an un-coerced medical decision. So that would make David Oaks’ and his group only “pro-choice” for the choices he and his people would like others to have.

Oh least I forget. Dawdy rouses the minions with his “re-reporting” of the Rebecca Riley event and the numerous congregants respond with the usual dogma and rhetoric. Then “re-reporting” once again, he notes the grand jury files no charges against the psychiatrist. As I recall only 3 comments to that blog posting. I guess the “Mini me” are challenged when it comes to facts contrary to beliefs.

Needless to say there are many issues as a support person and caregiver I see knowingly and differently based upon my experiences from that of others. I’ll continue to share my experiences and knowledge from my perspective as I do leaving it to those who think they know better of my circumstances and that of the Schofield’s and are better qualified and/or licensed to give advice. I’ll also continue to respectfully read all viewpoints and politely as I can agree or disagree as I do now on the issues and/or viewpoints of others.


Jul 7 11:45 PM

thought for the day Says:

How about seizures? Wonder if they ever thought of that?

Jul 8 8:59 AM

Stephany Says:

LATimes reporter defends parental abuse of Jani Schofield, blames it on parents exhaustion, lack of self-control and Jani’s schizophrenia -Is Something not quite right with Stan blog author contacted Shari Roan, reporter, and posts her email response.

Jul 8 9:26 AM

Stephany Says:

“I would ask you what reasonably intelligent parent gives any child psychotropic medications for bed-wetting, of all things?” -HERB

Herb, you can try and attack me here all you want, that is expected from a commenter banned from most all sites ever posted on.

If you are to quote my daughter’s tragic story, then let it be known here for new readers, that the medication given to my daughter was not known to be an anti depressant, and the tragic outcome speaks for itself.

I am not surprised you attack any one of us here, it’s your method of operation, and as a supposed long time caregiver of your spouse, it is surprising you appear to defend child abuse, in the case of Jani’s parents.

Jul 8 9:32 AM

Stephany Says:

PS- My position on the use of psychiatric medications in children is based on my daughter’s misdiagnosis of childhood bipolar at age 11 and the psych meds that were given to her by doctors as a result.

Seeing my daughter gain 100 lbs on Zyprexa, and become severely disabled by age 21 as a result of psychiatric over-medication by doctors in psychiatric hospitals (they fried her brain) is WHY I speak out against psychiatric medication use in children.

These drugs are not studied for saftey and efficacy in children’s brains and bodies and Herb, of all people you should know better than to drag me into your rhetoric here.

Herb, the business man who once owned stock in VNS, the “depression” treatment, Cyberonics, with whom Charles Nemeroff, the most conflicted of all KOL’s collaborated with and has been investigated by Senator Charles Grassley.

You’d think you’d be hiding under your rock, but you haven’t been banned from this forum yet, (as with Furious Seasons et al)so you’ve found a cozy home at Spikol’s blog (and McManamy’s). Good for you.

Jul 8 9:39 AM

Aaron B Says:

I am heartbroken and disgusted. There was a time when children that insisted we feed into their wild imaginations grew up to be writers and artists that changed how we saw the world. God help us if we breed that out of our culture. VIolence should be treated as violence, social skills should be developed even as social structure is questioned and imagination should be fostered even if we don’t understand it. We need to stop looking for one unified cause of things we don’t like in children. They are separate behaviors.–and you don’t get good guy points for being honest about beating and starving a child.

Jul 8 11:34 AM

herb Says:

Dear Stephany,

I’m truly sorry my rhetorical questions obviously hit a very tender nerve and once again received in return what I believe to be unnecessary and off topic responses. While the point and subject of this topic is the Schofield’s and my personal feelings that couple is in dire need of help and understanding you’ve writings exemplified and that of Dawdy and a number of his congregation the usual opposite direction encompassing bias, lack of understanding and compassion toward others. What is truly sad is the inability, in my opinion, of those individuals to comprehend that we all do not experience life exactly the same or traverse the same paths and yet somehow, some way we may arrive at the same or other suitable destinations. It is not a question of wrong or right, black or white but acceptance that there are differences and as Schofield stated and I’ll paraphrase there may be no answers” to which I’ll append that thought by stating, at this time.

As I stated previously Michael Schofield, as a loving parent to his children in my opinion, appropriately responded to your thoughts and the path they’ve chosen at this time. Sharri Roan, the LA Times reporter in a private response to me was unaware of Stan’s ulterior motives. She was not asked nor did she give her permission for your beloved Stan to share her private email with him in Cyberspace. She too appropriately responded to Stan and also in my opinion, Dawdy’s congregation and now you. Fortunately or unfortunately in life there are individuals who see things differently as does Jani Schofield. They are not to be condemned, ravaged by biased commentary or actions taken against them in my opinion so long as those actions are not directly injurious to others but on the other hand an open minded attempt at understanding being a more appropriate response.

As I also cited previously, Dawdy and his congregants appear easily to hang anyone not conforming to their dogma given the opportunity and yet contrary to their belief systems and abundant rhetoric the grand jury did not indict the psychiatrist in the Rebecca Riley case. But then again, you, Dawdy and the congregants certainly allege and appear to know far more. Add to which you similarly bring up Senator Grassley. Allegations, investigations are neither indictments, nor a judicial verdict yet you have already concluded guilt by way of your writings in my opinion. Kindly let me know and/or request Dawdy to spread the headlines when the first criminal indictment is handed down.

Until then, I shall agree that there is a serious lack of morals, ethics and omissions of full disclosure on the part of a number of these psychiatric thought leaders and their institutions to divulge and protect against potential conflicts of interest. Certainly I am very concerned with these issues as my major focus is also directed toward the validity of the studies any of these individuals were associated with.

Oh by the way, at the conception of my website I shared full disclosure what at that time was my financial investment in the sponsor which I made after some 4 years into my spouse’s study trial. And I sold my interest several years ago which still has absolutely nothing to do with my proactive advocacy for all treatment options as well as educated patients to make informed medical decisions or do I endorse, promote, advertise or encourage the use any product, medication, treatment and/or therapy.

Guilty by innuendo and/or association may be a ploy that works for you, Dawdy and the congregants but I’ll stick with the facts as best I can unearth them and at some point thereafter I’ll come to my final conclusion(s). I’ll also recognize the fact that we’re humans with frailties and prone to error and yet we too have the ability to learn to correct those errors and our ways. Until then I’ll continue to share my thoughts in those venues that are willing to accept my agreement and/or opposing thoughts and viewpoints based upon my personal experiences, research and knowledge devoid of giving any advice and not where some site administrator’s ego is conflicted or challenged by his/her personal bias and hearsay.

By the way, thank you Liz and thanks to those individuals like John McManamy and others who are accepting and understanding of differences in viewpoints and when their viewpoints are challenged do not resort to the “he/she is attacking me” response as means to defend one’s position and the need to silence contrarian thoughts.

Tolerance and understanding toward others…


Jul 8 12:39 PM

Carter Says:

Definitely support your position in the post above, Liz, esp. since I firmly believe even heated discussion of these issues keeps them out in the open, the only place they belong.

As for January, it strikes me that we need a community of pediatric psychiatry much more independent of psychiatry in general — & the pharma industry — than it is now (not that we’ll get such a thing anytime soon).

I do believe children can develop genuine, & quite serious, mental illnesses (though I’m obviously no expert). That said, the consequences of getting it wrong — esp. in terms of medication — can be far worse for children than for adults who are misdiagnosed. Not to mention the lifelong emotional damage of an incorrect diagnosis of mental illness, or psychiatric hospitalization.

But I disagree that these situations are always only cases of active imagination misunderstood. In January’s case, I have no idea, as I’m not there. But it strikes as a bit odd that we can become so strident in the belief that no children get these kinds of disorders or that, even if they do, they should be left alone completely.

Hell of a complicated issue, but it’s always better dealt with out in the open.


Jul 8 2:49 PM

kimbriel Says:

Nice to see all the cretins come out and defend child abuse against a “mentally ill” child. Now, what if, instead, this child had a severe physical illness? How sick would your defense sound then?

And I can speak for myself, I commented on Furious Seasons. I AM a parent of a child not much younger than Jani/Janni (yes, Liz, it is weird that he can’t keep the spelling of her name straight). And I was a disabled child myself who required many hospitalizations. It is traumatizing. It came back to haunt me when I was hospitalized after the birth of my own child and I was labeled mentally ill. So I do know a little bit about that which I speak.

These drugs are not really helping her. The parents are incredibly close-minded. Those of us who are adults who have, in one way or another, witnessed the damage these drugs do to the body and brain for longer than the Schofields have, offer him advice and alternatives. His response is to tell us to go away. I am certain that his decision to put his child on Clozaril was not an easy one. However, it is NOT really helping. By his own admission, her “schizophrenia” is getting worse- her thoughts more disorganized. As a parent, I would think he’d welcome alternatives– we don’t know, maybe there is something they haven’t tried. He certainly hasn’t documented his use of alternatives. And what he’s written amounts to a small novel.

Jul 8 11:39 PM

Alison Hymes Says:

What if this child has DID from abuse? The drugs would make her worse but the removal from her family might very well help if this is the case. Why is this father not being prosecuted and investigated by Children’s Services?

Jul 9 8:37 AM

herb Says:

Dear Kimbriel,

Something you wrote elsewhere struck me and once again brings up in my mind the problematical importance and difference between just reading a newspaper article and coming to all kinds of conclusions without asking numerous other questions from the original source or obtaining the transcripts from a deposition or trial. And even then there is much debate and the reason for attorneys, judges and juries to challenge and adjudicate that which is written, visual and/or verbally stated.

“I have a child about a year younger than Jani. I would never hit him in impotent rage. — kimbriel

Am I therefore to easily conclude from your writings and as possibly one of those “cretins” you prefer to beat your child all other times when not in an “impotent rage”?

Should I be calling the authorities to alert them to your abusive parenting because my emotions from reading your statement might overcome my sense of reasoning to just maintain my calm and try to seek some answers?

I wonder what erasers on pencils are for, white-out, text editors etc. Is there ever a need for further explanation and/or clarification or should we just immediately reach a conclusion? Do humans sometimes err?


Jul 9 1:13 PM

kimbriel Says:

Herb, please pay attention. I got this information from the father’s blog. Not from a newspaper article. From the primary source, not from a newspaper article. So your argument holds no weight with me.

I have no words for you.

Jul 9 7:57 PM

Jon Says:

Oh please, Herb, who is herb? Some shill
selling pseudoscientific gadgets for fake diseases? What a fool.

Jul 10 11:04 AM

Jane Says:

the disingenuousness of your customary sign-off is repulsive all on it’s own and especially after reading the hateful stuff you spew at others.

Jul 11 2:31 PM

Getoveryourselfs Says:

For new people who happen on this unfortunate and nasty blog, below is a paragraph from a newpaper article about Jani. If you want to make up your own mind then rather read the father’s blog for yourself from beginning to end. There is no one here even remotely qualified to venture an opinion in this case – not even those claiming to have had the ’same’ experience. There is no such thing. If Jani was mine I would also have told you all to go away! Try not falling all over your egos while dreaming up a miracle for the Schofields. It might hurt.

“Doctors think Jani, who has dozens of phantom animal friends, was born mentally ill.
“Child-onset schizophrenia is 20 to 30 times more severe than adult-onset schizophrenia,” Dr. Nitin Gogtay, a neurologist at the National Institute of Mental Health, told the Times.
“Ninety-five percent of the time they are awake these kids are actively hallucinating,” Gogtay said. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything more devastating in all of medicine.”
Jani has been on heavy doses of anti-psychotic medications, but often doesn’t respond or suffers from severe side effects.
Asked during a recent stay in the UCLA psychiatric ward if her new medication was working, Jani said, “No. I have more friends,” the Times reported.
She’s tried to jump out of windows, tried to push the car out of gear while her father was driving, and screams, hits, kicks and bites.
Jani can be so violent that her parents, Michael and Susan Schofield, have had to rent two separate apartments in the same complex in California to protect her 18-month-old brother, Bohdi, from Jani — and to protect Jani from herself. They take turns, with one staying a night with Jani and the other with Bohdi, then switching. The on-duty parent is referred to as her “staff.”

Jul 21 6:56 AM

January First? « Spit. Bristle. Fury. Says:

[...] the story and the later commentary regarding it on both Furious Seasons (scroll down to it) and The Trouble with Spikol. That for me is where it gets particularly interesting and ugly. A number of readers on both of [...]

Jul 22 9:13 AM

herb Says:

Dear Liz,

I thought it an appropriate time to return to this topic and address something you wrote while at the same time updating information and responding to some of the comments especially those specifically addressed to me.

As I’ve stated through the years I question myself often as to whether I am the only one reading or thinking as I do on any particular subject. You began this topic by stating, “There’s a great post over at Furious Seasons by Philip about Shari Roan’s LA Times story about a 6-year-old girl, January (pictured), who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.”

Well I don’t agree with you in that “There’s a great post…” and I found at least one someone else in agreement with my thought:

[Liz Spikol, who really should know better, but who is an antipsychiatry sympathizer who sees no wrong in Dawdy, unconscionably refers to Dawdy's sensationalism as a "great post" and the nutjob ravings as "an important discussion."]

Actually I found Dawdy’s headline, “Father Of Girl With Schizophrenia Admits Hitting, Starving Girl” not only reprehensible but furthering the sensationalistic tabloid headlines his apparently award winning journalism and re-reporting has deteriorated into. Add to which his presumptions often tend to incite his “satellite” minions into their zealot fervor. So I’ll apologize to you Liz if our tastes differ in this matter.

This now brings me to a recent blog posting from Michael Schofield”

Ain’t no angels gonna greet us…….html

Bravo to the individual(s) who saw fit to take action only from the standpoint of having more balls than the crap I read spewed from a number of individuals on these various message forums. Please make no mistake about it from my readings that it was truly more a hateful and hostile response to the Schofield’s and Michael’s admitted flowery writings and the challenges facing the Schofield’s, in my opinion, but at least the above link should be an answer to all those who think they know better while enveloped in their dogmatic belief systems.

My thoughts now turn and are directed to Dear Stephany and my first suggestion and response to you is to please read the above link in response to the many statements you’ve expressed and I’ve read in Cyberspace regarding the Schofield’s to which I personally disagree with you.

Unlike you, Liz, Dawdy and a number of other journalists, writers, English majors and/or aspiring Cyberspace writers I have no such similar qualifications, inclinations or aspirations and with my limited abilities I try to the best of those abilities to share my views as directly and distinctively as possible addressing the issues and statements without intentionally or otherwise attacking the person as you apparently even perceive in my asking questions.

Like Michael Schofield I also find your writings to be flowery and in doing so, in my opinion, both you and he tend to mislead or distort the information for the reader. Shari Roan, the LA Times reporter, did not state she “defends” parental abuse. That is your word. Or does she “blames”. Again that is your word. Like Michael and his flowery writings for artistic emphasis or otherwise you too practice similar writings although unlike Michael Schofield eventually he addresses the issues directly from what I’ve read.

I asked a question which I expressed you need not answer to which you responded in what appears to me to be in a state of anger and hostility:

“Herb, you can try and attack me here all you want, that is expected from a commenter banned from most all sites ever posted on.

If you are to quote my daughter’s tragic story, then let it be known here for new readers, that the medication given to my daughter was not known to be an anti depressant, and the tragic outcome speaks for itself.

I am not surprised you attack any one of us here, it’s your method of operation, and as a supposed long time caregiver of your spouse, it is surprising you appear to defend child abuse, in the case of Jani’s parents.” — Stephany

I didn’t attack you nor do I have intentions of attacking you or anyone. I addressed several of your statements. I asked questions of that which you’ve written.

In lieu of your flowery statement “that is expected from a commenter banned from most all sites ever posted on” and other of your beliefs the fact is I have been banned from three message forums; point and counterpoint. To which I’ll also add I’ve lost not a second of sleep.

“If you are to quote my daughter’s tragic story…” I’m sorry you’re need to be so mellow dramatic in your reply or replies as I didn’t address your “daughter’s tragic story. You did! But as I know very little of your daughters beginning challenges other than questions I posed and what I expressed to you in a polite and inquisitive private message to you asking to please educate me or to direct me to more detailed writings so that I may better understand and be educated as I’ve been unable to find any such information.

I’m still awaiting your reply; flowery or otherwise to what you refer to as your “daughter’s tragic story”.

“…and as a supposed long time caregiver of your spouse, it is surprising you appear to defend child abuse, in the case of Jani’s parents.” Once again another of your flowery words, “supposed.” The fact is, “I am” and not “supposed” very, very long time support person and caregiver despite any misconceptions or misunderstandings you might have.

In what appears as a highly charged emotional state in responding to me you simply did not read carefully enough my position on child abuse or for that matter to which I’ll add any abuse both physically or mentally of anyone but that’s okay. Flowery writing apparently precedes facts as I guess you tend see it. Try rereading my statement instead of distorting context for either your emotional purpose or needs.

Based upon your writings I have several additional questions to ask of you in view of the fact you additionally added you didn’t know your daughter was prescribed antidepressants for bedwetting. Why did you allow any medication for bedwetting and why did you not investigate the prescribed medication beforehand and why did you standby and not intervene and/or question “Seeing my daughter gain 100 lbs on Zyprexa” before this substantial weight gain knowing all that you do about psychotropic medications?

I’m well aware that most studies of medications and therapies are performed on adults so just what this has to do with the questions I’ve asked? Drag you in? Please, I’m simply questioning what you write or am I making any judgment which brings me to another point and question.

My spouse through these many years has taken numerous medications, has had ECT and various therapies and unlike another of your flowery statements “they fried her brain” my spouse has had numerous MRI, X-ray, CAT scans and blood work ups etc indicating that her brain is normal for an adult of her age despite also having other neurological challenges.

Would you care to elaborate on any specifics to indicate that there’s been physical damage to the brain? And I also shall refrain from any further comments as to that flowery remark.

Dear Kimbriel,

“Herb, please pay attention. I got this information from the father’s blog. Not from a newspaper article.” — Kimbriel

I’m aware you obtained the information from the Schofield’s blog and thanks for the suggestion about paying attention which I do. May I suggest you carefully reread my response to you? Obviously the point I was making totally eluded your understanding and comprehension.

Dear Jane,

I’m sorry my differences with some of the statements I read are interpreted as “hateful” by you. It is not intended to be so and as for my “disingenuousness of your customary sign-off” I’ll leave that to Liz to attempt to explain for your better understanding as I wouldn’t want my response to you to also be interpreted as “hateful” or offensive. You might also take into consideration my inability to express myself as eloquently and precisely as do others. Would cutting some slack be a possible consideration and acceptable alternative to you?

Since I’m simply not as astute as you or many of those participants here and elsewhere I’ll read, chuckle and/or learn from your easy and ready assessments and judgment of others.


Jul 30 2:20 PM

Laura Says:

Are you people on here on dope or what?? Who in this world wants a diagnosis of schizophrenia for their child?? Jani’s parents are trying to do what is best for their daughter, you cannot read a small portion of one entry on Michael’s blog and then state maybe it is her overactive imagination. These imaginary friends bite her, tell her to do bad things, did your imaginary friends ever do that?? You know what stick to raising your own children because unless you have been through what Michael and Susan have been through you have no idea!!!!

Aug 4 2:14 PM

herb Says:

Hi Laura,

“Are you people on here on dope or what??” — Laura

Without you realizing it you gave me a good laugh. Don’t you know that you’re questioning the anti-psychiatry and anti-pharmacology cult?

On dope…you have to be kidding…aren’t you? These folks abhor drugs!

These zealots simply adhere to and follow their dogma. All else be damned.

Their leader(s) post an article inciting the zealot fervor and then you read their all knowing responses. Maybe you didn’t read the reference that Liz made to Dawdy’s posting. Certainly more interesting than Dawdy’s commentary, in my opinion, is the numerous comments that followed from his devout followers. One of those sharing his/her comments comes from a psychologist which even makes me chuckle more as to his/her professionalism.

The real story is that Liz hasn’t yet picked up upon or Dawdy hasn’t written anything further simply because some of these writers, journalist folks are more interested in headline sensationalism than really digging into and uncovering the real facts and then following through from start to finish of a story. The fact is the Schofield’s saga is in its infancy and slowly evolving. The zealot fervor of these cultists is absent of patience or any need to dig deep and for them it’s on to the next sensationalism that they think justifies their dogma.

You might also not be aware and in my opinion that Dawdy and many of his followers are not parents which may be a fortunate circumstance based upon that which I read.

From my perspective as a very, very long-time support person and caregiver the Schofield’s saga is not only riveting but truly gut wrenching knowing of my own challenges and the fact that I believe theirs to be far, far more difficult and stressful. Not that it is any consolation for me but I have always been aware of others having far greater difficulties and challenges than I ever encountered and therefore I have much to be thankful for.

The Schofield’s while faced with these challenges are at the same time sharing their experiences and taking this opportunity to educate and enlighten others willing to maintain an open and non-judgmental mind for which I am extremely happy and pleased to read.

Maybe Liz will consider following up as to the more recent events of this story while also reconsidering what she believes to have been a “great post”.


Aug 5 12:30 AM

Alkan Says:

I happen to be acquainted with the father of Janni and I can assure you that he is doing all this with a mind towards writing a book. His daughter’s illness and the controversy grist for the mill as far as his ambitions go. His own meager imagination has not served him well and, as such, he has turned to exploiting his daughter’s illness for “material.”

Aug 6 8:32 PM

kimbriel Says:

Herb, I get your point. However, after reading your loooong meandering comments that do boil down to being personal attacks (regardless of what you want to call them), I don’t wish to engage with you further on this, or any other, topic. Consider that a victory, if you wish.

Aug 6 11:56 PM

kimbriel Says:

Alkan- thanks for the perspective. There’s something a little disturbing about it. Glad to know it’s not in my imagination.

Aug 6 11:58 PM

Katie Says:

I think it’s absolutely important that the parents get help. Beating your child is NEVER acceptable. All the same, I think you have to take some of your ire out of your comments and the disbelief in what they are saying about their child. Maybe she really is having unusual hallucinations for a child her age. I had imaginary friends as a child, but nothing on that scale. Maybe she really does need serious psychiatriac help–but so far, they have been unable to get it for her. And maybe her parents really are just very frustrated people who have been pushed to their breaking point. That doesn’t make it okay, but the focus should be on getting this family help, not on ridiculing them and arguing that they are just suppressing their child’s creativity and that they are the only reasons for her problem. I think that’s making some pretty serious assumptions about the entire family and the situation, which none of us are qualified to make.

When a family confronts this sort of situation, they ALL need to be in therapy to figure out how best to deal both with the situation and their reaction to it. I don’t think most people are emotionally prepared to deal with this kind of situation. You should try to encourage them to find support and help, not pile on the self-righteous judgment.

Aug 26 4:09 PM

Wipe Your Concious Says:

You people are obviously all blessed not to have a child with a mental illness. You have all kinds of time to pass judgement on others you know nothing about.

As a parent of a child with a severe mental illness, I can tell you, it reeks havoc on the entire family. Michael and Susan are doing the best they can with a real illness impacting their daughter.

Sep 20 10:22 PM

Still Unwritten Says:

I cannot even imagine where to begin.

First, I’m clearly missing something because, regardless of Herb’s profession / background / etc, I do not find him rude, confrontational, off-base, or any of the things people are saying about him on here. He seems to add balance & a different perspective on the issue than the majority who are “ruling” this board. As long as someone is respectful in their tone – I believe we should always welcome another perspective (something most here don’t seem open to but are accusing the parents of being unwilling to do for Jani… Hmmm?!).

This is my first time here. I’ve only begun reading about Jani through those LA Times articles & her father’s website. I am an adult w/ serious & persistent mental illness. I, too, have strong opinions about psychiatric meds – especially in children. I, too, have strong opinions about this early of a diagnosis of such great magnitude – BUT, I can think of at least one reason for a parent to want to keep a particular diagnosis: INSURANCE & BENEFITS!

An Axis I diagnosis brings different resources, benefits, etc than others. I wouldn’t get mucked up in the label – rather, on the surface, keep the diagnosis if it serves the purpose for insurance & benefits & keep seeking truth & answers = healing!!!

This is a family clearly in crisis & I find it absurd for anyone to say, with absolute certainty, what they would or would not do in a particular situation – like her father harming her as he did. Was it okay? POSITIVELY NOT. But I can almost assure you that he would have never thought himself capable of such either! THEY need more supportive services & they need answers!

In my gut I don’t belief this is an accurate diagnosis – but I’m not remotely qualified to make this determination either. I am overcome with sorrow for this child & her family. I do not judge this father or label him as abusive – I scream, instead, THEY NEED HELP NOW!!!

I can only imagine what this litany of medications is doing to this poor child. I am so grateful that – if I had to have mental illness – I was not diagnosed until I was old enough & wise enough to make decisions for myself – to opt in or out of recommended treatments, to find alternative treatments / answers / solutions for myself, & to not be completely & absolutely vulnerably at the mercy of psychiatrists (who have their own agendas – even when they mean well), pharmaceutical companies (who definitely have their own agendas & ZERO testing of meds for safety in children), & my parents who are worn to the bare bone not knowing where to turn or what to do next – just hanging on for dear life!

I empathize with both the child & the parents & wish each of them their highest good! Sending IAOMAI (ee-ah’-om-ahee) to Jani & her family!

In love & light… still unwritten

Sep 21 6:51 PM

Jenna Says:

I have Asperger syndrome and I have never in my life seen a person or animal that wasn’t there or anything close to that. Her dad’s right: autism doesn’t come with PSYCHOSIS. We can have anxiety, terrible tempers, and zone out into our “own little world,” but said world is never populated with beings only we can see: it’s pretty much just populated with ourselves, really.

Oct 6 8:06 PM

Peggi Says:

I have a question. I am an RN, but except for my required courses in nursing school, I have no psych experience at all. What I do remember from way back was that we were always taught never to enter in anyone’s delusions; that is, if a person was hallucinating, saying, for example, they were seeing a rat, we were to always “attempt” to bring them back to reality by saying, “there’s no rat” or “I do not see the rat…” etc. What happens if this is tried with Jani? I just wonder if the parents are seemingly “accepting” of her imaginary friends, doesn’t it reinforce her delusional state?

Oct 7 7:30 PM

Rossa Forbes Says:

There are schools of thought that say that entering into the delusions is exactly what you should do in order not to isolate the person and to accept the fact that the person speaks truth. We have been taught a lot of shifting bunk over the years and the mentally ill are caught in changing fashions, where it’s okay for one decade, then it’s not okay for the next. So, imagine if it is indeed helpful to enter into the delusions in order to bring about a quicker recovery, yet all these years your recovery has been stalled because medical opinion thought it was not okay. Dr. Marius Romme, who is the instigator behind the Hearing Voices Network or Intervoice, came around when his patient accused him of invalidating her by ignoring what her voices had to say. The voices are real, they have a message, learn from them.

Oct 8 9:01 AM

Tom Bailey Says:

From someone with personal experience hearing things that others’ don’t. What she is experiencing is called “Leakage”. It’s complicated and it’s not known whether the leakage causes brain abnormalities or a brain abnormality can cause the leakage. I believe it’s actually caused by direct or indirect conduction between what would be considered the “living” and the “dead”. It’s not unlike putting a tuning fork against your skull. The difference is that a tuning fork can’t influence behavior or feelings, leakage from other people can. This type of thing may well be the verification of existence beyond death. I’ve been hearing, smelling, feeling and experiencing things for decades now. I’ve also become aware of having lived in other places. If you are willing to set aside your prejudice and learn about reality for what it is, you might discover your daughter isn’t as nuts as you originally thought.

We exist in a very complex place, much more complex than is currently understood by medicine, psychology, physics or any other philosophy. There are huge parts of the universe that are unexplored and won’t be until “Science” as a whole accepts the reality that there is no substitute for experience. It’s one thing to “calculate” what a far away planet looks like or what it’s atmosphere is like. It’s a totally different thing to be there. Current scientific theories can’t even explain the simple mechanics of gravity or how a wave can traverse a supposed “vacuum”. Most current theories are based on an assumption that space is a linear extrapolation, that all space is the same, that time is some kind of magic surface and that things that can’t be seen are “imaginary”. Unfortunately our cultures have demonized people who seen and hear things that others don’t and in the process, project their own feelings upon the “ill” person. The reality is that there is an explanation for everything. But one must first let go of the idea that the universe is run by a magic man with a white beard.

I’m happy to discuss or communicate on the issue if you’re willing to email me.

I am who I am, where I am, when I am for my own purpose and no other.
-This Academy

Oct 8 1:09 PM

Ari Pratama Says:

hi.. my name is ari pratama

sometime i hear sound like telephone ring or my daddy speak in angry..
I dont understand, sometime I feel like dying person..
Can you send me everything about schizophrenia to my e-mail ??


Oct 15 9:40 AM

Paul Baker Says:

Open letter to Oprah Winfrey in response to her programme about “The 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic”

We want to bring to your attention our open letter addressing the issues facing a child in psychiatric care who has been diagnosed a “schizophrenic” at 7 years of age and is being administered high levels of neuroleptic medication – and arises from a recent uncritical and unquestioning Oprah Winfrey Show programme about the diagnosis given and treatment offered by the psychiatric system.

It is an open letter addressed to Oprah Winfrey and intended to be seen by the public through newspapers and other media, such as a letter to the editor, or included in websites, blogs, Facebook etc.

You can link to the online version at the INTERVOICE website here

If you find what we are trying to do of interest, we would very much appreciate you promoted it on your blog and also give your advice on how to better promote our campaign.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Paul Baker


Introduction: This letter has been written in response to the Oprah Winfrey programme about Jani “The 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic” broadcast on the 6th October 2009. We want to tell you about an alternative and more empowering approach to the experience of hearing voices. 135 members of the mental health community around the world, including voice hearers, relatives, citizens, academics and educators, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and researchers have been moved to sign this letter. Such is the level of concern felt about the circumstances that Jani finds herself in.

Oct 22 7:55 PM

herb Says:

Dear Mr. Baker,

I read your letter with much interest although I have no personal experiences or knowledge with anyone hearing voices or diagnosis encompassing such a symptom. I am much in agreement one should try to first consider the least invasive therapies which your therapy and letter appears to offer up.

Although after reading your letter I am struck by several points the first being your three bullet listings:

• To hear voices in itself is a normal experience. Of course it is unusual, but at some time or another, many people hear a voice when nobody else is actually present.

• However, it is possible for people to become ill as a result of hearing voices when they cannot cope with them.

• For most children (60%) the voices disappear over time as the child develops and as they learn to cope with life’s problems, and with the emotions and feelings involved with those problems, which led to the voices starting in the first place.

While your letter encompasses hearing voices and the letter was prompted by the Schofield case history no where I see you addressing the issue of the actual violence the child has demonstrated or the suicidal ideations acted upon amongst other points expressed by the Schofield’s.

I also noted “For most children (60%) the voices disappear over time” and what about the remaining 40%? Is not possible the child in question a part of the 40%? And if so, you’ve omitted a seriously ill population of patients and have not addressed their issues.

Are you or the esteemed professionals able to guarantee efficacy through your therapy?

I also did not read anywhere in your letter anyone directly offering therapy assistance, financial assistance and/or otherwise to help in the case of the Schofield’s?

I personally for more than four decades have been researching and collaborating with leading researchers and professionals while maintaining an open mind to alternative and/or adjunctive therapies to treat my spouse’s Major Depressive Disorder. Your letter represents to me a therapy certainly to be considered but also a dichotomy once again in professional viewpoints especially from the professionals the Schofield’s have obviously consulted with and are currently treating their child.

Speaking from the perspective of a support person and caregiver I’ve always questioned myself in terms of the best treatment(s) for my spouse but I’ve never questioned my love, devotion and her best interests as I similarly believe the Schofield’s exhibit to their children.

I personally do not believe this issue to be one of wrong or right as there is no definitive and/or quantitative answer(s) but decisions which emotionally aggravate and stress the caregiver and potentially further hurts the patient and one which boils down to that which I’ve long stated in my caring for my spouse as the “Trial and Error Approach to Wellness.”


Oct 28 7:30 PM

sparkle Says:

When I read parts of his blog I started to wonder if this is “munchausen by proxy”. If not that, I wondered what drugs the mother might have taken while pregnant with her. It’s not at all normal for an infant to only sleep 20 minutes at a time all the time. What kind of drugs do that to a person? Yes, typical neuroleptics. Those are given to mothers for morning sickness (compazine). There was also a newspaper article about this family that said both parents take anti-depressants. Was she taking them when she was pregnant with the girl? Then there’s the obvious abuse issues that would drive any child crazy. It’s too bad someone can’t take that child and actually help her. She’s obviously genius level intelligent and extremely creative. It’s a shame they are poisoning her little brain and mind with toxic chemicals.

Nov 27 5:21 PM

star light Says:

I have thought the same thing. This sounds very much like “munchausen by proxy”. Both parents suffer extreme mental illness. I’m aware that the extended family on both sides have tried to help Michael and Susan in many ways, including financial. They are willing to accept money but nothing else, such as advice, suggestions, etc. With Michael and Susan, it’s their way or no way. They are very selfish and self-righteous. Michael and Susan have been on many antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psycotic, anti-this, anti-that, and bipolar medications for a long time and I know even before she became pregnant she was on medication. So, who knows what she was taking while pregnant. I also know that there is mental illness history on both sides of the family. Plus, as you mentioned, the obvious physical abuse. I suspect sexual abuse also. Albeit, Michael has commented that Child Protection Services has been to his house because of charges made against him but that they could not prove any abuse. It was like he was bragging that he got away with it and that CPS couldn’t prove the allegations made against him. Some day he will face judgement and be prosecuted. Jani is a very smart and intelligent little girl. She knows how to manipulate her parents and others to get what she wants. She knows what she has to do in order to be re-admitted to the hospital where she feels safe and away from her parents. Michael goes on and on about the short life Jani is going to have, and how uneventful it is, etc., like he can read her mind. Jani’s life is going to be shortened by the lethal dosages of medications they give her. Adults cannot function at those dosages, how can a child? My personal opinion is that Jani is misdiagnosed and suffering the consequences of it because of her parents. Once again, “munchausen by proxy” comes to mind. The sad news in all of this, they have another child that is going to suffer, also.

Dec 1 5:39 PM

Robert Says:

She is now tolerable to the medication, thus the dosage can only keep going up..and up, until its fatal as stated above.

The parents in my opinion are bordering on disgusting. They clearly use their daughters publicity for financial gain, and their loyal band f “followers” seem to be a bunch of morons who cant see it.

They occasionally get a post of two thats counter to their claims/demands, or is accusing them or something..and its deleted/rubbished.

Under no circumstances should this child be in their care. The fact she is will be a shame on the U.S. for years to come, after she finally dies of some vile medical complication.

Dec 17 1:35 PM

oil careers Says:

Impressed! Are you going to write an article on the alternitive?

Jan 11 8:11 AM

janine Says:

ATO Market Research, a reputable market research firm, will be recruiting caregivers of individuals with Schizophrenia to participate in a paid ($100) 1 hour, one-on-one interview during the last two weeks of March 2012.

The interview only requires the caregiver attend and not the patients themselves. The interview will be conducted in the Bala Cynwyd, PA area. Please contact 1-888-253-3135 ASAP with interest and mention “Philadelphia Interviews.”

Feb 26 11:51 AM

sm Says:

I’ve just been listening to an episode of bipolar nation with susan and michael schofield. In it they talk to the mother of a “bipolar” child accused of munchausen by proxy. Half way through the woman’s sister phoned up to put the lie to it all – the child is doing well, being taken off meds, and had admitted to saying she heard voices to get attention and being coached by her MBP mother. The schofields scrabbled around trying to deny that such a thing would be possible. Yet it’s exactly what it looks like with Jani. Some of Jani’s problems may be due to brain damage, but these parents look like they are all too keen to interpret things as psychosis … A lot of children have behavioural problems, it doesn’t make them “schizophrenic”. Even if she is schizophrenic, those drugs are very damaging.

Mar 11 5:10 PM

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May 16 4:34 AM

DeeAnn Says:

Well, it’s easy to criticize and place blame. Anyone who has had a child not sleep is running on fumes and is severely sleep-deprived. Unless you have been there, you don’t know where these parents are. Why not volunteer to live with Jani for one week and then judge and point fingers. I don’t think the parents are “choosing” a diagnosis. I think they are trying to survive as best they can, while giving their children whatever life is possible.

May 17 1:21 PM

Micheal Says:

Michael John Schofield
Okay, I bought new heat lamps for the turtles but now we are broke again. A friend has sent us a large sum through Paypal but it is an echeck and won’t clear until June 1st. Need money for food, gas, cigarettes, direct into Bank of America if you can. Account 2545144492.
susan Schofield Michael fell asleep and I let him sleep and then I was able to get Bodhi down, with the 1 mg of Risperdal and used the extra I’ve been prescribed when he woke up in the middle of the night and it worked beautifully. Although, the same stuff when he goes to school now, he says, “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!” At least the school psychologist can hear him screaming outside her door so when the teacher and aides say he’s doing fine (LOL), well, what can I say… kind of like NAMI saying, “We can’t tell what’s going on?” when it came to the video of Kelly Thomas in the process of being murdered by Fullerton police

May 26 9:52 PM

Micheal Says:

May 26 9:53 PM

kefir grains for sale canada Says:

Euripides~ Time will explain it all. He is a talker and needs no questioning before he speaks.

Jun 4 3:40 PM

Adrienne Says:

I saw the movie about Janni and it broke my heart, and at the same time, I was taken away by how strong her parents were. I prayed for the whole family and will continue to pray that God shows up and shows out in this child’s life. He is able to take this situation and turn it around into a MIRACLE, I BELIEVE IT TO BE SO….

Jun 10 10:13 PM

J Diane Vehorn Says:

Having been where you guys are 22 yrs ago, although the diagnosis was different, the fear, shock & trauma was much the same. THANK GOD HE CHOSE YOU WONDERFUL DEDICATED INCREDIBLE PEOPLE FOR JANI’S PARENTS!! To the critics and naysayers outhere, how lucky you are that you don’t know what the HELL your talking about!! Until youve “walked the walk these parents have, why dont you shut up the talk”!! I love you Michael & Susan Schofield!! You raised the bar & set a new standard for parenting!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!!

Jul 26 8:47 PM

J Diane Vehorn Says:

Also,Risperdal is good, Invega has been better. Check it out when you can. Many Blessings & much admiration, Diane. ;)

Jul 26 8:54 PM

J Diane Vehorn Says:

Oh yes, that “new standard” you guys set? Its called ” YOU NEVER GIVE UP”!!

Jul 26 9:02 PM

Susan Says:

How did jani take the IQ test?

Aug 1 7:26 PM

danny temple Says:

fuck you doctors. i know whats happening to that girl. and so do her doctors if she was at ucla. they hear voices. why cant she? a victim of her imagination? shes a victim alrght. everyone stay away from needles. fuckin scum doctors.

Jan 2 7:24 PM

Eduardo Urquidi Says:

Mike is definitely on the right track!

Feb 13 5:53 AM

Sim Reilly Says:

I know this family well – you are all off course. You’ll be pleased to know she is a very loved, well looked after child who does indeed have schizophrenia. Her dad does have anger issues, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have schizophrenia.

Feb 17 6:42 AM

protectivemomin Says:

Wow, i finally find a blog that agrees with what I am ’seeing’ all alone. I have studied psychology for 8 years, I have a degree in it and I can tell you that the child looks as if she is being abused, ive read Michael’s blog and it sounds as if he is angry, trying to exploit his daughter and admittedly has been investigated for sex abuse by DYFS. I also was taken aback while reading his blog and him describing how he tells her to wash her body parts one by one…(as he is in the bathroom with her) its just a weird thing to talk about. I got a creepy feeling about it and thought if you were already investigated once and you were innocent, why wouldnt you let your WIFE bathe your daughter? Also the fact that he got them a separate apartment and slept alone with his daughter in there give s me the creeps. Maybe he is not sexually abusing her but why did DFYS start that investigation in the first place??? thats what I would like to know…and he admittedly was hitting her hard and starving her??? One thing I have learned in studying people is that if they admit to doing something wrong, they underestimate what they did wrong, so just really how bad was she abused Michael? I am at a loss at how this could not have been investigated and how he is still allowed to have his kids after that post??? and how do we know he is not keeping her drugged up so people will think she is crazy if she ever does talk about her mentioning sex abuse or other abuse??? Then he frequently alludes to her not being around as if to almost have a premonition of her death? That scares the crap out of me, something is VERY wrong with this picture I am getting, I wonder if she was put in a foster home for a few months with no meds , how much different would she act? Also if she was not homeschooled and spent a considerable time away from her parents? Many cases were children are abused their parents decide to home school to cover up their abuse of the child…just saying this is what I am seeing and my opinion only.

Mar 17 3:17 PM

toni Says:

Remember Rebecca Riley ..

May 30 2:15 PM

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I guess it might be Aspergers. it is a child, anger coupled with impulsivity ADHD can lead to (minor) violence. Especially if the kid was abused. Talking to animals is usual for Aspergers, as well as talking to objetcs, it is simply hightened sensitivity for anything that exists. Stimming should be considered exclusion for sc., as it indicated LACK OF DOPAMINE, while sc. is characterized by EXCESS DOPAMINE. never give antips. to people if it is not certain it is not Aspergers.

Jul 30 6:56 AM

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