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Bizarre New Hobby

Jan 20 2010 | Comments 17

I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’m newly fascinated by the websites of businesses that craft furniture for psychiatric facilities. I often think about how different that furniture is than the chairs, tables and beds in the “real” world — no hard edges, nothing you can use to kill yourself.

Yet despite the depressing reality of the nature of their business, these websites sell their products as though they’re just like any other product. It’s kind of surreal. Many such companies also make furniture for correctional facilities, and some have transitioned into exclusive manufacturing for prisons and jails — which in the States, is a growth industry of collossal proportion.

Check these sites out if you have a morbid fascination, as I do:

Max Secure

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James Cameron Is Making People Sad

Jan 12 2010 | Comments 4


Sometimes I can’t believe the weirdness. From Marie-Claire UK:

Fans of Avatar, the sci-fi epic set in the Utopian world of Pandora, are reporting that the return to earth and real life is making some feel depressed and even suicidal. ….

The fan site ‘Avatar Forum’ has receive more than 1,000 posts under the thread ‘Ways to cope with depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible’, reports CNN.

And that’s just one article about this. I saw the movie and the only thing that depressed me was the headache I got from those 3-D Wayfarers. I was very reluctant to see it, but I will see anything the New Yorker’s David Denby likes, and he said it was (visually)beautiful. The storyline was stupid, but it’s true that the first time I saw the glowing world Cameron created, I did a little intake of breath. It is kind of exquisite (visually). I enjoyed it, against my own better instincts. Because, I mean, Titanic was just awful.

But in order for a movie to send me into a depression, it has to be violently, appallingly bad — suggesting to me that the world is collapsing into a sea of poor taste. Even then, I think the Effexor will keep working.

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Coming Up: Depression and Ethnicity

Jan 11 2010 | Comments 5

If you’re interested in diagnoses and ethnic categories, check out Tell Me More, like, now. A segment on that is coming up.

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