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Here I Am

Sep 23 2010 | Comments 15


Hello everyone. I imagine there are about five people who check in with this site but for those five, let me tell you where to find me now.

Though PW has very graciously allowed me to keep this blog site, I rarely update it. There are several reasons for this, but mainly it’s because I took a new job. I was working at the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania on a peer support program. I enjoyed it but got depressed, verging on dysfunctional. When I realized I wasn’t quite up to managing a social services program given my fragile state, I bowed out because the stakes were simply too high. It’s one thing to misuse a semicolon in a weekly newspaper; it’s quite another to fail people who heavily depend on public services. Not that I was failing them, necessarily, but I felt inadequate.

Now I am working at a new publication and I’m having a lot of fun. I’m no longer so depressed and am pretty excited about the new venture: it’s called Tek Lado, and it’s a magazine/website about technology and pop culture. It’s bilingual (English/Spanish) and when we’re not prepping the next print edition (coming to an honor box near you on 9/27), we’re blogging. So please do stop by and hear what I’m talking about these days: phones, Hello Kitty, iPads, videogames, comic books, etc. If it’s geeky, you know I’m into it.

I hope to see all five of you there. Though there isn’t a mental health focus, it’s still me.

I appreciate that PW allowed me this spot, and I hope they don’t turn it off. I’d like to stop by every now and then to update you on my brain activity.

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