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Hate the DSM? Boycott Normal!

Jan 3 2012 | Comments 6

From one of my most beloved organizations, MindFreedom, comes an effort to challenge notions of normalcy as the American Psychiatric Association meets to unveil the DSM-5. From

Free thinkers unite in an international campaign to question how psychiatric corporations try to control us and our democracy through their misguided idea of “normal.”

Be part of peaceful protest of the American Psychiatric Association, everywhere, especially Philadelphia, on 5 May 2012.

Occupy the American Psychiatric Association!

MFI calls on mental health consumers, psychiatric survivors and allies to Boycott Normal in response to the American Psychiatric Association’s preparation for a fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

DSM-5 would be the latest edition of what is widely known as psychiatry’s “label bible,” used to determine if people can be diagnosed with mental ‘disorders’ or ‘illness.’

Today, we challenge normality and celebrate creativity and diversity. Please join us!

Want to get involved? If you’re in Philly, email Susan Rogers at She’s the nicest person on earth, so you won’t be sorry. Also, click HERE.

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Chris Dubey Says:

Liz, thank you for covering the Boycott Normal campaign!

Chris Dubey
MindFreedom member and
Hartford Biology Examiner

Jan 3 10:21 PM

Susan Rogers Says:

Yes, Liz, thank you so much! Also, please know that we are organizing a conference on Sunday, May 6, as an adjunct to the Boycott Normal event on Saturday, May 5; so people should clear their calendars and plan to be there for the whole weekend!


Susan Rogers

Jan 4 3:13 PM

Kay Says:

“DSM-5 would be the latest edition of what is widely known as psychiatry’s “label bible,” used to determine if people can be diagnosed with mental ‘disorders’ or ‘illness.’”

I am confused, what should be used then? What is the solution after the boycott?

Jan 16 2:26 AM

Brian @ Progressive Transformation Says:

The problem isn’t so much that pracitioners like using the DSM 5 (because a large majority do not). The problem is that our insurance companies use it as the reference for paying treatment fees. We are bound by them in order to make a living.

Labeling a patient with anything more than general anxiety disorder (when they go for private therapy) can damage their insurance coverage and medical prognosis when in a more serious situation. How do we stop this is the question.


Jan 19 10:35 AM

fay gibbs Says:


Att: All Recipients,

As we are all highly dependent stakeholders in the welfare of Earth’s natural resources which supports our prime existence, if our basic governing life-support interests are ever to be based on a solid foundation of natural truth and healthy knowledge, there may be a collective need for a universal catalyst-of-change which is simple and accessible to all people and cultural systems.

Rather than enforced corporate population abuse and irreversible waste as reason for protest and world-wide conflict, it could be that the most appropriate catalyst to stop the rot is none other than an all-inclusive unconditional Census-of-Intent.

A census of intent is a very simple and completely natural way for every one of Earth’s citizens to declare-by-action what type of reality systems they are prepared to support, whether it includes more harmful drugs and mass-media deceptions or none at all.

It’s now not a matter of corporations controlling Earth’s human resources with mind-control technology and providing profitable ways to destroy the natural essence of family and community relationships because the real issue now is about who is permitted to exist and why that is so.

What you have received:

‘ENTHUSIASM’! ——-Nature’s collecting ‘Mind-Spell of Freedom’.

e-attached file: ’ENTHUSIASM’
UNCONDITIONAL=ETERNALLY FREE!! (Reality Re-Alignment Health and Happiness Initiative.)


Jul 6 4:27 PM

Jennifer L. Reimer Says:

To find out what we’re up against DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE, COMPLETE, 970 PAGE DSM HERE!! …print and burn, or search and destroy (fully searchable PDF file). Get it before the APA does ;)


Dec 16 4:14 AM


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