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Truly Terrible News

Apr 3 2012 | Comments 21


When I heard that there were headlines saying fast food can trigger depression, I shrugged my shoulders. Oh well. I don’t eat fast food anyway. But wait! What’s this? The study also includes “commercial baked goods (doughnuts, cakes, croissants).” I practically live off those! From PsychCentral:

The results also showed that those participants who ate the most fast food and commercial baked goods were more likely to be single, less active and have poor dietary habits (eating less fruit, nuts, fish, vegetables and olive oil). It was also common for individuals in this group to smoke and work over 45 hours per week.

Well, yes, that does sound like a rather depressing way to live. Do they watch crappy TV too? Sigh.

Fast Food Linked to Depression [Psych Central]

liz | 12:01 PM | depression

Nick Ashford Says:

Very nice blog

Apr 5 8:47 AM

Sheri Says:

Wanna have lunch sometime?

Apr 21 4:09 PM

Bob C. Says:

Long time reader, first time commenter. The first column of yours I read was the front page one you wrote when you got shock treatment. I believe I have never missed a Trouble with Spikol since. It has been so wonderful that you have had the courage to write this column. To put yourself out there as you have. I am sure you have helped and inspired more people then you know. Sometimes when you are writing your column and it has been a while since you have written one I hope it is because you are doing well. I worry like I am sure so many others do that it may be because you are not. I hope you will be ready soon to post another column. Thank you so much for who you are and what you have done.

May 3 10:28 AM

Tess Says:

Yay, you’re back writing! I missed you, and somehow your return went over the radar. Have to catch up with the older posts!

Jun 22 11:20 PM

rob k Says:

I saw this quote on a poster and liked it:
“Eat some organic produce today. Or as our grandparents called it, FOOD!”

Dec 9 9:07 AM

Brian Says:

I think it’s more the chemical and preservatives that cause the problems rather than the natural foods. So i agree with Rob K above!

Mar 28 7:00 PM

David Says:

I am also guilty of this but I will definitely change my lifestyle. I think it’s not too late for all of us to eat healthy and have a better life. Anyways, change is good most of the time so as not to regret anything later on.

Mar 31 9:06 AM

Susan Says:

Liz, It is news like this the gross me out. People just blame on random things for depression. This whole country live on the things these people try to correlate with depression so… I mean, let them be.

Apr 19 2:39 PM

Susan Says:

If people insist on a GENERAL cause of depression, I’d say that anything that traumatize and emotionally disturb a person for prolong period of time can cause depression. Let it be abuse, a disadvantageous situation or a serious health condition such as cancer or disability. Especially when there is no external support to help one relieve or share their feelings with.

Do you agree with me?

Apr 19 2:42 PM

Grayson Says:

Does Capn Crunch count (saynosaynosayno)?

Apr 23 8:10 AM

Michael Martin Says:

Hello, My name is Michael. I have seen a few of your videos, and I am horrified and deeply saddened to hear all you have had to endure. I too have been dealing with depression and physical illness. I heard the stories of the psyche ward, Your video confirmed the sorted details. I haven’t yet seen all your videos but you have expresses being on several(albeit toxic) medications -that work
May I make a suggestion.?
Have you tried Homeotherapy, Naturopathic , Acupuncture and Medical Marijuana. (I was on all kinds of meds and while I received some relief I was actually harming my body ,creating side affects that were destroying my organs and creating even more symptoms -to end up taking meds for again and more to combat the side affects of the first ones. It is just a vicious circle).
This ‘different’ method has given me a much more enjoyable life ……and it is healthier. Once the toxins have been purged from your body you can begin to heal from within.
Thank you for being brave enough to share your very personal story. It made an impact on me. It compelled me to write you this friendly Email. Be blessed as you have blessed each and every day

Apr 27 10:11 AM

Ball Gown Prom Dresses Says:

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Jun 4 10:31 AM

Jeanine Says:

Just finished watching “Of One Mind” and can’t tell you how wonderful it was to watch. I too suffer from depression and your way of normalizing it makes me feel like I have dropped a ton of bricks. The weight of carrying around this semi secret can be such a challenge. But your approach is brilliant. I vote for you as the face of normal. You wear it well.

Jun 11 10:43 PM

Billie Says:

I totally agree with the link between fast food and mood. On my local news here in the Bahamas last night they reported that Twinkies (although a smaller version) are back! Staying far far away….

Jul 17 3:28 PM

Jennifer L. Reimer Says:

It’s all the TV… people that look at those screens think that things are still normal out there… and they call US, crazy, heh!

Aug 27 9:22 PM

Paul Doyle Says:

According to an article written in the New York Times, there are about three new McDonald’s opening everyday. Basically, the writer described that it’s the main goal not to have any person more than 4 minutes away from a branch. How are we supposed to say NO to all of these delicious burgers and fries that we see all 4 minutes?! :D

Aug 28 9:24 AM

Sakari Rannikko Says:

Is this really true seem really scary cause i bought love eating those stuff.Well in Finland where i use to work in a “destroying document” service we are always going to fast food for eating a lunch sometime dinner which seem really bad and i don’t know about it.

Aug 29 4:30 AM

Linda Phillips Says:


I like your blog and wanted you to know that I am giving it a plug on my own blog today. I hope you will drop by. I have a book coming out in Fall 2014 that I hope will be helpful to teens and adults who are affected by bipolar disorder


Dec 2 9:15 AM

Sabi Says:

Hi, I don’t usually jump right into blog comment sections for the first post I read, but this topic’s implications trouble me. (Also, I like what I see on the blog so far so I’m thinking I’ll probably visit again!) I’m not criticizing you below; only questioning the Psychology Today article. :)

The linked article says nothing about a causal link being found. How do we know this isn’t just like saying people who take antidepressants have a high rate of “becoming” depressed? People self-medicate in all sorts of ways, and there are much worse ways to do it than distracting/rewarding oneself with a baked treat or bag of onion rings. Of course, if someone has more information supporting that junk food itself is truly a possible *cause* of depression, I’ll gladly defer, but for now I’m concerned the unqualified “results” of this study could just make people feel bad about their coping habits, or make them feel like they have one less avenue of (potential) relief left to them in life.

Dec 14 3:24 PM

Deb Says:

This is bad news for sure. Little Debbie is one of my BFFs during my hubby’s episodes.

I have been married for 8 years to a man with BPD. When we married nobody , including my spouse, told me of his illness. I found out when he went into his first episode of our relationship 6 months after our wedding. It was scary and difficult. He also has paranoid schizophrenic behaviors in a bad manic episode. It was scary and at times dangerous. I have come to a place where I deal with them pretty well now but it was a hard learning curve. I recently found a book that I couldn’t put down. It was like reading my own story. It is called Balancing between the poles, supporting and surviving a spouse with mental illness.

Maybe it can give you insight as well, or someone reading this. I found it on amazon ebooks

Here is the link:

Good luck

Mar 24 9:31 AM

NIkki Says:

Watching a documentary and found you. Neflix jackpot! I tempted to eat baked goods, knowing that I’d feel like a sack of dog shit, and you saved me from myself and provided me with a great blog to share with my cool readers who want to read all things mental health. RAD!

Apr 15 1:12 PM


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