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Cute Fix: Puppy Christmas

Dec 22 2011 | Comments 2

Hey, everyone. So I’m out on vacation today and tomorrow, celebrating the holidays in Los Angeles, of all places. I wish I could be here with you, but I’m giving you the next best thing—or maybe something much better: puppies. I know this is Christmas, and some of you may not be Christian (as I’m not). But I think we can all agree that puppies are religion-neutral, unless it’s the religion of CUTE.

liz | 10:27 AM | cute fix, puppy christmas

Cute Fix: Spot the Hungry Chihuahua

Aug 5 2009 | Comments 16

My dog Hannah really wanted a bite of something to eat the other night, but she didn’t want to be too obvious about it.

liz | 1:44 PM | cute fix

Goodbye, Anti-Sacred and Profane Writing Machine

Jun 25 2009 | Comments 2

After a long battle with cancer, PW staff writer, Guardian columnist, punk-rock novelist, NME gadfly, gender-twisting rebel comedian and poet Steven Wells has gone on to other things. Well, not really. According to Steven, there’s no such thing as the afterlife, and if there is, I guarantee he’s really, really pissed off right now. I can just picture him at St. Peter’s Gates, saying, “Fuck me! This shit actually exists?”

We’ll all miss Steven so much, and I’ll say more about that later. For now, I’m wishing the best to all family and friends who are hurting. That’s what Steven really cared about in the end, though he was very passionately annoyed by knitting, as well.

Steven was often told he was anti-American. I loved his passion, and he cracked us the fuck up every day. This video was part of a series he did for PW called Steven Wells’ America, in which he took sacred cows and basically grilled them for dinner. Below, he reflects on the religiosity of an America that voted for Bush a second time (Steven was a staunch atheist). Toward the end he smiles a bit, so you know that he knows he’s being ridiculous. And that’s part of what was so cute about Steven — he’d rant, but then laugh at himself.

liz | 10:41 AM | BIG PHARMA, Funny or Offensive?, GLBT, Song of the Day, alternative treatments, anxiety, celebrities, children, cute fix, depression, hospitals / hospitalization, media, meds, military, philadelphia, phobias, politics, random, religion, suicide, violence

Cute Fix: Sonya

Jun 24 2009 | Comments 6

liz | 2:14 PM | cute fix

Cute Fix: Squealing at 3:32

Jun 1 2009 | Comments 12

The whole thing is unbearably cute, but after all that silence …

liz | 12:25 PM | cute fix

Ezra Rowe Hendler

May 20 2009 | Comments 4

I just want to welcome a new friend to the world, United States, New York, NY, in May 2009. We’re going to be buddies. True, he’s only, um, a day old right now, but I already project into the future and see us engaged in any number of buttery-filter vignettes: me watching him ride his first carousel; his trembling lip as he lets go of a balloon; his little licks of ice cream and the rainbow sprinkle that gets caught on his nose; the first time he says, “Auntie Liz … ”

He was born yesterday (not so smart, this kid) courtesy of the agony of my friend Nina Rowe, who I always pay tribute to because she hung in with me through many years of my own agony (including many boring phone calls). Her husband, Glenn Hendler, was also thoroughly involved in the childbearing situation.

I won’t post photos of Ezra yet because he’s barely alive, and thus I can’t ask if he wants to be semi-semi-famous. But I love him already. Congratulations to Nina and Glenn! You have reproduced, and quite well, at that. Good show.

liz | 10:35 AM | cute fix, random

Cute Fix: Lazy Bunny

May 12 2009 | Comments 14

One of my favorite songs and one of my favorite animals.

liz | 12:38 PM | cute fix

Exercise and Depression: This Makes Me Sad

May 8 2009 | Comments 9

On HuffPost Karen Leland, author of Time Management in an Instant, interviewed a fitness instructor for tips on how to get people to get around the key obstacle of not having enough time to exercise. I was so excited; now I would have the key to solving the problem! Here’s the result of the interview:

Q: What is one way you help your clients get around the time obstacle?

A: By far, the easiest way to get around the time obstacle is to make your exercise the first thing you do each day. Pencil it in and schedule which mornings (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) you are going to workout. Then you need to schedule everything else around it – dropping off the kids, your hobbies etc.

Q: But what if mornings don’t work?

A: If you just can’t make mornings work, find a way to schedule it at other times. Plan for a trainer to come to your house, ride your bike to work, take a walk at lunchtime, sign up for a group exercise class in the afternoon or end of the day. The next time you take the kids to swim class, don’t just watch them take their lessons, use this as your time to workout. The time part is more manageable if you put down exactly when you are going to exercise.

Wait, that didn’t help me at all. Shit. But maybe it helps you, so voila! Now you have answers.

liz | 11:23 AM | alternative treatments, cute fix

Nightmares Do Come True

Apr 29 2009 | Comments 4

Don't let me blow away

Don't let me blow away

Pretty much every night I have a dream that something horrible has happened to Hannah (pictured above), my sweet Chihuahua. Turns out, I have reason to worry. From ABC News:

Bystanders at a Detroit-area flea market were stunned this weekend when high winds from a passing storm picked up a couple’s Chihuahua puppy and blew her out of sight.

After two days of searching and consulting with a pet psychic, Tinkerbell was found almost a mile away in the woods dirty but unharmed. …

“We were shocked when we found her,” Dorothy Utley, 72, told The Detroit News. “You don’t know how happy we were. We love her so much.”

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a … Flying Chihuahua?

liz | 2:09 PM | cute fix, hospitals / hospitalization, media, philadelphia, random, violence

Monday Morning Cute Fix: I Can’t Stop Watching This

Apr 27 2009 | Comments 3

liz | 10:08 AM | cute fix

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