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Goodbye, Anti-Sacred and Profane Writing Machine

Jun 25 2009 | Comments 2

After a long battle with cancer, PW staff writer, Guardian columnist, punk-rock novelist, NME gadfly, gender-twisting rebel comedian and poet Steven Wells has gone on to other things. Well, not really. According to Steven, there’s no such thing as the afterlife, and if there is, I guarantee he’s really, really pissed off right now. I can just picture him at St. Peter’s Gates, saying, “Fuck me! This shit actually exists?”

We’ll all miss Steven so much, and I’ll say more about that later. For now, I’m wishing the best to all family and friends who are hurting. That’s what Steven really cared about in the end, though he was very passionately annoyed by knitting, as well.

Steven was often told he was anti-American. I loved his passion, and he cracked us the fuck up every day. This video was part of a series he did for PW called Steven Wells’ America, in which he took sacred cows and basically grilled them for dinner. Below, he reflects on the religiosity of an America that voted for Bush a second time (Steven was a staunch atheist). Toward the end he smiles a bit, so you know that he knows he’s being ridiculous. And that’s part of what was so cute about Steven — he’d rant, but then laugh at himself.

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Phobia Phun

Jan 12 2009 | Comments 7

Last night was terrible. I had the migraine from hell, and the pain was excrutiating. It simply wouldn’t go away even when I took my medicine. So then I got nauseated and thought I was going to throw up, which in turn caused a panic attack because of my emetophobia. So my blood pressure dropped and I thought I was going to faint. So I took two Ativan and felt more nauseated, plus I hadn’t taken my other meds and was started to get withdrawal. I was in such pain and fear and panic — it was awful. Ultimately, I did throw up, and having done so, realized I lost all the psych meds I was supposed to have taken. Thus I had to take them again, feeling terrified that I’d get sick, and still in pain in my head …

What the fuck? Sorry to curse, but sometimes the situation merits it. I know generic pills are supposed to be exactly like the non-generic, but I don’t believe it. This generic Imitrex is simply not working for me. I need one of those injectables, STAT.

So sorry to be late to the party today, but I’m still barely awake.

liz | 1:14 PM | meds, phobias