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Goodbye, Anti-Sacred and Profane Writing Machine

Jun 25 2009 | Comments 2

After a long battle with cancer, PW staff writer, Guardian columnist, punk-rock novelist, NME gadfly, gender-twisting rebel comedian and poet Steven Wells has gone on to other things. Well, not really. According to Steven, there’s no such thing as the afterlife, and if there is, I guarantee he’s really, really pissed off right now. I can just picture him at St. Peter’s Gates, saying, “Fuck me! This shit actually exists?”

We’ll all miss Steven so much, and I’ll say more about that later. For now, I’m wishing the best to all family and friends who are hurting. That’s what Steven really cared about in the end, though he was very passionately annoyed by knitting, as well.

Steven was often told he was anti-American. I loved his passion, and he cracked us the fuck up every day. This video was part of a series he did for PW called Steven Wells’ America, in which he took sacred cows and basically grilled them for dinner. Below, he reflects on the religiosity of an America that voted for Bush a second time (Steven was a staunch atheist). Toward the end he smiles a bit, so you know that he knows he’s being ridiculous. And that’s part of what was so cute about Steven — he’d rant, but then laugh at himself.

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Men, Christians, Lend Me Your Ear

Jun 9 2009 | Comments 3

There’s a new Christian therapy group for men facilitated by John G. Taylor (pictured) forming that I read about on Craigslist. I have no idea if it’s good or silly or what, but I like the idea of alternative coping strategies, and I like some of the topics the group will address:

Wk 3: What is Domestic Violence?

Week 4: How to have a conversation with your mate?

Week 5 & 6: The Bible and your anger

Week 8: How build trust in relationships

Week 9: Techniques to control your anger

Week 15: When does an affair begin?

Week 16: How do we deal with our partners being more accomplished?

Week 18: How to deal with being sexually abused or being a perpetrator

Week 19: What is takes to be a responsible father

Week 20: How do you treat females are you abusive?

You should know there’s a $15 “investment” per group meeting. Also, at the end of the list of topics, the notice says: “God needs for his Sons to be prepared for warfare!” Which is odd, right? Still, here’s the info:

Meeting every 2nd & 4th Thursday)
6 -7:30pm
Christian Talk Therapy
2449 Golf Rd, Ste. 3, Philadelphia, PA
rsvp to 215-931-3070 or

liz | 12:21 PM | alternative treatments, religion

Lookin’ Good, Right?

Jan 7 2009 | Comments 5

Just want to thank everyone associated with getting this new blog design up and running: Kris Gale, John Titlow, Tim Gough (who designed the pretty page) and God in His everlasting goodness. This new software means your comments will post immediately, which is nice. It’s still a work in progress, especially the links page. Becca will be working on that.

Speaking of God, a guy in the subway was handing out religious material as I walked by and he said, “God is beautiful, he is merciful, he is wonderful — he got you up this morning and out of bed.” And I thought, “That son of a bitch.”

liz | 11:16 AM | religion