Philadelphia Will Do  

Say It Ain’t So

We’re getting awfully close — this was fast! — to baseball season, and as such the Phillies are signing their arbitration-eligible players left and right. Cole Hamels signed for 3 years, reliever Ryan Madson also got three and Shane Victorino signed a one-year deal and so did Joe Blanton.

Not signed yet is Ryan Howard, who asked for $18 million in arbitration; he set a record (for a player who won) with his successful request for $10 million last season. If he wins — or, really, even if he gets close to it — he’ll be one of the highest paid players in baseball.

Not signed by the Phillies at all is reserve outfielder So Taguchi, who inked a minor-league deal with the Cubs. We’ll miss you, So, and your incredibly wide-open eyes.

Thanks, Jim

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