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See? Here We Go!

Art from Foobooz sends along this video of Broad Street celebrating last night. I’m kind of waiting ’til this team wins it all to celebrate for real for real.

Update: Liz has a ton of videos of Philadelphians celebrating at her blog. Post 1 and post 2. Thanks, Liz!

Can The Phillies Win The Pennant?

Wow. I have to ask it: Can the Phillies win the pennant? More importantly: Can the Phillies win the pennant tonight? Eh, I sorta feel like Brett Myers after he got a couple of hits (pictured). Hey, why not, right?

I’m watching the Fox pregame show, and Jeannie Zelasko has just informed us this is the biggest game of the year. The biggest game of the year… and the Phillies are in it! I’ve thought all season the Phillies had the bats to win the NL East and maybe the pennant, but now it’s actually here. I’ve never really experienced a good baseball team in the playoffs as an adult. Hooray for new experiences, and let’s go Phillies.

I’m going to be updating my Twitter (probably somewhat frantically at times) during the Phillies game, and I’ll also toss a couple posts up on here, too. Unless the Phillies are getting killed. Then forget it.

Shane Victorino, Clichemonger

Somehow I missed this incredbile video The Fightins posted of Shane Victorino answering questions after Game 3. The tally, calculated by the blog, includes six uses of “Like I said”, 18 of “Ya know” and 3 of “Kick start.”

And, of course, answering the opening question with the words, “No questions asked.”

Matt Stairs’ Double Entendre

Okay, so here’s the postgame quote by the new King of Philadelphia, Matt Stairs, that everyone’s going to be forwarding around today:

“You want to get that one big hit where you feel like you’re part of the team. Not that I don’t feel like I’m part of the team, by no means, but when you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you’re getting your ass hammered by guys, it’s no better feeling than to have that done.”

Yes, yes, he actually said that postgame. Who knew the Phillies celebrated that way?

I’m Out Of Here, and I’m Taking The STAIRS!!!

Unbelievable. Phillies rally to win, 7-5, and are now one win away from the World Series. Absolutely more about this tomorrow, obviously!

Matt Stairs! Phillies Lead 7-5!

You knew he’d hit one in the postseason. You didn’t know how huge it’d be.

That’s John in the Beerleaguer comments. The Phillies get a pair of 2-run homers from Shane Victorino and pinch-hitter Matt Stairs to take the lead. Pandemonium.

John also passed along this comment from the Beerleaguer messageboard: “That’s a DISGUSTING act by Matt Stairs, and it’s unfortunate we had it on our air live.” Too awesome. Go Phils. Let’s close this one out. Please.

Phillies Against Dodgers, Umps, Themselves

Spread this meme around: The Phillies are getting screwed by Bud Selig, Major League Baseball and everyone else who’s scared of a World Series without Manny Ramirez and Boston. (See: Rays 9, Sox 1, earlier today.) Okay, maybe not, but how else do you explain the announcers openly rooting for the Dodgers? And how do you explain the called third strike to Chase Utley (at right), which was “just a bit outside.”

The Phillies remained up a run ’til the Dodgers got 2 in the bottom of the 5th; the Phillies got the first two men on in the top of the 6th but then Charlie Manuel bunted with Shane Victorino. The Phillies ended up only getting a run. Chad Durbin gave up a homer to Casey Blake and a double to Juan Pierre. Now Scott Eyre is in, and Tim McCarver is saying that if you grow up in a small town you are not likely to enjoy curtain calls.

Now Ryan Howard threw the ball away, and the Phillies are down 2 runs. It’s like my idea of Hell. Ugh.

Phillies Rally On Game Keys

Tonight’s Built Ford Tough Keys to the Game:

Phillies: Use last night as rallying point.

Dodgers: Food tastes better at home.

The Phillies rallied so much from last night they opened the game with three straight hits. After Chase Utley’s RBI double, Ryan Howard grounded out to put in another run.

Fat Joe gave up a couple of hits, but the Fightins are still ahead, 2-1. Let’s hope they can continue to make the Dodgers eat horrible cooking in Los Angeles.

Fox: Redefining Sports Broadcasting

Keys to the Game

Obviously the weekend ended poorly for Phillies fans after the Dodgers won, 7-2. Perhaps the Los Angeles nine was inspired by the cry of, “Remember Aug. 30!” Clearly, that was the second biggest Built Ford Tough Key to the Game. The Phils’ pregame meal having to come from Losers Only Pizza instead of the proven hometown winner was the biggest part of their loss.

Reminds me of a Key to the Game in the last World Series: “If hands were made of metal, he’d be affected by powerful electromagnets buried underneath the field.”

Myers Beats Dodgers With Bat

We don’t know how you did it either, Brett. Myers went 3-for-3 and drove in three runs in the Phillies’ 8-5 win over the Dodgers. Phils lead 2 games to 0 heading out to LA. How about that local baseball nine!

More thoughts coming throughout the weekend. For now, we celebrate.