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Local Flasher Leads Colorful Life (Duh)


Ahh, yes. The flasher. Yesterday, the son of Judge Lisa Richette was arrested for allegedly punching, uh, Judge Lisa Richette. NBC 10’s Monique Braxton went to Larry Richette’s home in G-Ho and asked him for comment. He responded, of course, by opening up his robe and showing his ding-a-ling.

The Inquirer’s Joseph Slobodzian fleshes out the story today, adding crucial details, including that he used to be an editor at City Paper. (Perhaps as part of an alt-weekly battle, I can get Steven Wells to walk around Rittenhouse in a robe, flashing TV reporters.)

Judge Richette isn’t cooperating with the police investigation of her only son, according to sources. While her son has had several run-ins with the law, he hasn’t been convicted of anything. (Duh.)

In October 2005, he was charged with disorderly conduct and the case was referred to Philadelphia Community Court, the branch of Municipal Court created with the help of the Center City District to dispose of minor “quality-of-life crimes” that ordinarily would not be prosecuted because of the caseload of major cases facing the District Attorney’s Office. Court records show that Richette, a writer, former political editor for the Philadelphia City Paper and sometime Democratic activist, failed to appear for his hearing and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. He does not appear to have been arrested, and the case remains open.

Richette also has a 2001 arrest for driving under the influence, which court records say was withdrawn by the prosecutor’s office, and a 1992 arrest for criminal mischief that also was not prosecuted. In 1987, he was charged with swearing at and then pushing a city police officer after he was brought in following an auto accident in Society Hill. He was acquitted by a Municipal Court judge who admonished him to be more respectful of law-enforcement officers.

He’s also self-published a bunch of books, which I am going to go purchase right now.

Son charged in attack on judge [Inquirer]

Man Does What We All Want To Do To Local TV News


Common Please Judge Lisa Richette doesn’t quite have the best luck. Twenty years ago, she was hit by a purse snatcher. In 2005, she was punched on the street. About a year ago, she was attacked by a woman while sitting in her car.

And now, her son, 48-year-old Lawrence Richette, is charged with aggravated assault and related charges after allegedly punching her.

NBC 10 then went to Lawrence’s house:

When NBC 10 went to Lawrence Richette’s home Wednesday afternoon, he opened the door in a robe, asked if the cameras were rolling and flashed the reporter and photojournalist for a few seconds. He closed his robe and said, “That’s what I think of TV news.”

As you can see from the photo, he clearly is the person you fantasize most about seeing naked.

My advice to you is: Head to the NBC 10 slideshow, hit play, put your feet up, and enjoy the frame-by-frame deconstruction of the Great NBC 10 Flashing of 2007.

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