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Phillies Fever: Catch It!

Gannett reports on the popularity of Phillies merchandise with the team’s second straight NL East title. (Sign of the poor economic times: No one at Modell’s is even interviewed!)

The Phillies will put their logo on anything, including a knock-off off those popular “Stop Snitchin’” t-shirts the kids are wearing. Only it’s “Stop Phillies Country.” (Both shirts, directly or indirectly, promise danger to those in noncompliance.)

The owner of the Sports Depot on the Black Horse Pike said he ordered 1,000 Phillies pennants and has only 70 left. And (gasp!) Phillies merch even outsold Eagles stuff (no thanks to the blimp cam) at his store. The two authors of this piece also notify us of a store called “Hello Sports Fans.”

Fans flock to S.J. stores for Phillies merchandise [Gannett/Courier-Post]

In South Philly, Things Are A Little Different

This current edition of the South Philly Review has a Reader’s Choice poll in several categories. (Disclaimer: PW’s parent company, Review Publishing, also ownes the Review.) The paper has mostly choices that seems pretty typical for “Best of” lists; it is are, after all, a reader poll of South Philly residents.

Then again, it is a reader poll of South Philly residents, and guess what won the category for Best Teen/Hip Hop Clothes:


The Gap. For Best Teen/Hip Hop Clothes. But, well, check out the runners up (emphasis mine):

Joyce Leslie took second place, while the Limited Too, Modell’s, Wal-Mart and Mandee’s tied for third.

Basically, what I’ve taken away from this poll is that South Philadelphians have, essentially, the same taste I had in sixth grade, except I didn’t even shop for clothes at Wal-Mart back then. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “best song” category was won by that “Gotta go to Mo’s” commercial jingle.

Clothes make the teen [South Philly Review, 10th item]